Getting to Know TKU

By now, you’ve probably made a few friends, found a place to live on or near the campus, and tried some of the tasty Taiwanese food around Tamsui. Now it’s time to find out more about your new university. This section describes Tamkang’s campus sights, facilities, and administrative departments.

Campus Sights

  1. The Slope of Overcoming DifficultyThe Slope of Overcoming Difficulty

    The Overcoming Difficulty Slope is a steep slope made up of 132 stone steps. Built in 1953, it symbolizes the spirit of “triumphing over difficulty” and was once the only path leading to the Tamsui Campus.

  2. The Statue of Mr. Chang Ching-shengThe Statue of Mr. Chang Ching-sheng

    One day, as the Tamsui Campus was being built, Mr. Chang Ching-sheng stood with his son, the Founder of TKU, Dr. Clement C. P. Chang, and pointed to the spot at which construction was taking place. He said: “This will be the home of our Tamsui Campus!” Shortly after, Mr. Chang Ching-sheng fell ill and, on January 29, 1951, passed away. To commemorate his father, Dr. Clement erected a statue of him at the very spot they had stood years earlier.

  3. The Chinese Palace-style ClassroomsThe Chinese Palace-style Classrooms

    Built in 1954, the Chinese palace-style classroom buildings are modeled after Chinese classical palaces with green roofs and red walls. They were the starting point for the building of permanent classrooms at the Tamsui Campus.

  4. The Book and Scroll StatueThe Book and Scroll Statue

    Situated in the center of a vast green quadrangle, the Book and Scroll Statue was built in 1986 and designed by Tamkang alumnus and architect, Lin Kuei-jung. It was designed in the form of four tablets of bamboo encircling one another, a symbol of books and scholarly pursuits in ancient times.

  5. The Lee Shuan Che MonumentThe Lee Shuan Che Monument

    On December 3, 1976, in a concert featuring mostly Western folk music, Lee Shuan Che urged the young to pass on the heritage of folk songs. He inspired a movement, which spread from Tamkang to the entire island. To commemorate his passing, a monument was built, which symbolizes the influence he had on Taiwanese music.

  6. Lucky Dolphins Milestone StatueLucky Dolphins Milestone Statue

    Situated in the roundabout at the top end of Lantern Road is this unique piece by well-known contemporary sculptor, Wang Shiu-chi. The dolphins were selected as an auspicious university emblem based on the results of a poll that surveyed students from each of Tamkang University’s campuses.

  7. The Bronze Sculpture of the Five TigersThe Bronze Sculpture of the Five Tigers

    “The Five-tiger Hill” is the name of the hill upon which the Tamsui Campus sits. The poetic name was rendered into art by Wang Shiu-chi, whose sculpture depicts five tigers embracing one another.

  8. The Tamkang Golden Eagle in the Fu Yuan Garden

    The Tamkang Golden Eagle in the Fu Yuan Garden

    The Fu Yuan Garden at the Tamsui Campus is home to the Tamkang Golden Eagle bronze statue, a gift from the Golden Eagle Alumni Association as a sign of their gratitude to their alma mater.

  9. The Rising Sun above Hsuehshan Tunnel (Lanyang Campus)The Rising Sun above Hsuehshan Tunnel (Lanyang Campus)

    The Rising Sun Above Hsuehshan Tunnel is a sculpture portraying the Hsuehshan Tunnel of the Taipei-Ilan Expressway. The sculpture was shaped in the form of the ancient Chinese hieroglyph 山 (“shan” meaning “mountain”).

  10. The Global Village Sculpture

    The Global Village SculptureIn front of the Shao-mo Memorial Natatorium Complex are artworks made by Yang Ying-feng. They consist of square, round, and rectangular stainless steel parts, which signify our earth, on which a diverse range of people coexist.


TKU Facilities

TKU offers state-of-the-art library and computer-based technology, as well as world class sports facilities. These include the following:

  1. Chueh-sheng Memorial Library

    The Chueh-sheng Memorial Library is one of the most comprehensive university libraries in Taiwan. It has wireless networks, spacious study carrels, a vast multi-media section, and a 24 hour student study area. Currently, the university library stocks more than 1 million printed books, 1.7 million electronic books, 60,000 periodical titles (including electronic journals), and 120,000 non-book items. It also offers some of the best views in Tamsui.

  2. Computer Laboratories

    TKU has a total of 15 computer laboratories. Most of these are located in the Business Management Building and Engineering Building on the Tamsui Campus. One of these labs is open 24 hours. The labs provide students with access to the latest technology and software, with which to complete university assignments and reports.

  3. Shao-Mo Memorial Gymnasium

    Tamkang University places a strong emphasis on sports and athletic activities, and provides students with world class facilities. Many of these facilities are located within the Shao-Mo Memorial Gymnasium, a vast, multi-story sporting complex equipped with Taiwan’s largest (Asia’s second largest) retractable grandstand, as well as a comprehensive weights room, volleyball, basketball and badminton courts, professional table tennis tables, aerobics and dance studios, and martial arts training halls.

  4. Shao-Mo Memorial Natatorium Complex

    In Taiwan, very few college swimming pools rival the one on the TKU Tamsui Campus. The Shao-Mo Memorial Natatorium is a modern, stylishly designed swimming complex that conforms to the highest specifications for swimming facilities of its kind. It boasts a bright interior, a 50m swimming pool, and a host of professional swimming instructors and lifeguards.

  5. CarrieChang Fine Arts Center

    In the year 2000, the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center was established. It is a two-story exhibition hall that is frequently home to both local and international art displays. The center consists of several subsidiaries: the Carrie Chang Music Hall, the Research Office of Chinese Calligraphy, and the TKU Maritime Museum. Through these entities, TKU hopes to raise students’ appreciation of art, music, and Chinese calligraphy, and disseminate knowledge of Taiwan’s intriguing maritime past.

Administrative Departments

  1. Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs

    The International Office, as it’s commonly called, helps foreign students with all aspects of their life at Tamkang. It assists students in applying for scholarships and organizing accommodation; it offers counseling services, and plans orientation events for international and exchange students. It is also in charge of welcoming visitors and scholars to the TKU Tamsui Campus, as well as forging partnerships with overseas universities.

    Contact Details:
    Location: 5th Floor, College of Foreign Languages and Literatures (FL506)
    Ph: (02) 2629 6579
    Website: http://www.oieie.tku.edu.tw/main.php?lang=en&Trad2Simp=n

    Note: The International Office will relocate to the 10th floor of Ching Sheng Memorial Hall around mid Sept, 2011.

  2. Office of Academic Affairs

    As a foreign student, you’ll be in frequent contact with the Office of Academic Affairs. You’ll use their services when enrolling to study at TKU, applying for transcripts or certificates, and applying to defer or discontinue studies. The Office of Academic Affairs consists of four separate sections or divisions. You’ll deal mostly with the ‘Registration Section’ located in the Administration Building, Tamsui Campus.

    Contact Details: (Registration Section)
    Location: 2nd Floor, Administration Building (A212)
    Ph: (02) 2621 5656; #2368, #2360, #2210
    Website: http://english.acad.tku.edu.tw/

  3. Office of Student Affairs

    The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for processing students’ requests for academic leave, helping students apply for insurance, and dealing with all matters relating to student associations. It also provides student counseling services and organizes on-campus student housing. The ‘Student Office’ is divided into separate sections located throughout the Tamsui Campus. Foreign students will deal mainly with the Guidance Section.

    Contact Details: (Guidance Section)
    Location: 4th Floor, College of Business and Management building (B402)
    Ph: (02) 2621 5656; #2214, #2217, #2817
    Website: http://spirit.tku.edu.tw:8080/tku/english.jsp?sectionId=2

  4. Office of General Affairs

    The Office of General Affairs is responsible for overall campus planning and management of administrative affairs. One of its subsidiary bodies is the Cashier’s Section, which foreign students commonly come in contact with when back paying tuition fees or collecting their first scholarship stipend. The Office of General Affairs is also in charge of student safety, and offers a late night (11pm onward) transport service for all TKU students. For enquiries, call the Campus Security Section on (02) 2623 5101

    Contact Details: (Cashier’s Section)
    Location: 3rd Floor, College of Business and Management Building (B304)
    Ph: (02) 2621 5656; #2259, #8501
    Website: http://www.general.tku.edu.tw/english/eng8.php

  5. Office of Information Services

    Students with enquiries regarding student emails or on-campus internet usage should head to the Internet Management Section of the Office of Information Services located on the first level of the Ching Sheng Memorial Hall. Remember to take your student ID card with you.

    Contact Details:
    Location: 1st Floor, Ching Sheng Memorial Hall (T109)
    Ph: (02) 2621 5656; #2586
    Website: http://www.ipc.tku.edu.tw/main.php?lang=en&Trad2Simp=n