Lifestyle Assistance

As students living overseas, it’s important that you know all about the lifestyle assistance options available to you. Some of these options, like the National Health Insurance scheme, are compulsory for foreign students; while others, like the various counseling services offered by TKU, are there for you when you need them.

Counseling Services

When moving to a new country, some aspects of life can be hard to get used to. You may find it difficult to learn the local language, to adapt to the local culture, to keep up in class, to develop meaningful relationships, or to properly manage your finances.

If you need assistance, you’ll find it at the International Office (for a description of services provided by the International Office, see Chap 3) or the Counseling Section, Office of Student Affairs.

Counseling Section, Office of Student Affairs

The Counseling Section provides students with a range of professional counseling services:

  1. Individual counseling and testing services
  2. Mental health consultation clinics
  3. Career counseling services
  4. A Gender equality and sexual harassment complaint hotline:
    Ph: (02)2623-2424
    Email: help885@mail.tku.edu.tw

For a comprehensive description of services offered by the Counseling Section, please visit the website http://spirit.tku.edu.tw:8080/tku/english.jsp?sectionId=4.

Contact Details:
Tamsui Campus

Location: 4th Floor, College of Business and Management Building (B413)
Ph: (02) 26215656; #2221, #2491, #2270

Lanyang Campus

Location: Room CL314
Ph: (03) 987 3088, #7005

Medical Services in Tamsui

Tamkang Medical Clinic

TKU has an on-campus medical clinic that offers free care to students, faculty and staff. To receive free medical assistance, simply go to the clinic located below the boat-shaped maritime museum building and present your student ID card.

Contact Details:

Location: Basement level of the maritime museum building
Ph: (02) 2621-5656, #2373
Website: http://spirit.tku.edu.tw:8080/tku/english.jsp?sectionId=6

Local Hospitals and Medical Centers

For serious illnesses, you’ll need to go to a hospital or off-campus medical center. Below is a small sample of the major hospitals and medical clinics in Tamsui. For a full list, visit the TKU English website.

Mackay Memorial Hospital No. 45, Minsheng Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2809-4661 Google Map
Gongshang Hospital No. 38, Zhongshan Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2625-1501 Google Map
Taipei Veterans General Hospital No.201, Sec. 2, Shipai Rd., Beitou District, Taipei City (02) 2871-2121 Google Map
Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital No. 95, Wen Chang Road, Shi Lin District, Taipei City (02) 2833-2211 Google Map
The Pediatric and Family Medical Clinics
Tamsui District Public Health Center No. 158, Zhongshan Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2621-5620 Google Map
Shin Kong Medical Center 2F, No.12, Minzu Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 8809-7952 Google Map
Dr. Lee’s Medical Clinic No.18, Xuefu Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2629-9833 Google Map
Huang qiu-yang Clinic No. 1, Yuande Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2622-9596 Google Map
Li wen-xun Pediatric Clinic Zhongzheng East Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2625-5299 Google Map
Chen shi Fang Clinic No. 198, Chongjian St, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2622-7467 Google Map
Dong xian jian Clinic No. 159-5, Zhongshan Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2623-1343 Google Map
Public pediatric Clinic No. 101, Section 1, Zhongshan North Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2622-9773 Google Map
Chun-Ren union Clinic No. 35, Xuefu Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2623-7866 Google Map
Liu Bing Pediatric Clinic No. 175, Section 1, Beixin Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2629-6982 Google Map
Boo An Clinic No. 159-7, Zhongshan Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2621-5330 Google Map
Zhang Yi-Cheng Clinic No. 50, Lane 120, Xinmin St, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2623-0946 Google Map
Rui An Clinic No. 61, Lane 182, Beixin Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2620-3669 Google Map
Yuan Ming Ophthalmology No. 85, Yingzhuan Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2629-8178 Google Map
Mai sheng Hong Ophthalmology No. 62, Yingzhuan Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2623-9931 Google Map
Jin Chai Ophthalmology No. 29, Lane 113, Dazhong St, Tamsui Dist. (02) 8631-2967 Google Map
Ri Sheng Ophthalmology No. 5, Xuefu Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2629-2616 Google Map
Department of Otolaryngology
Liu Zheng Otolaryngology No. 53, Zhongshan Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2625-3428 Google Map
Wen Chuan Otolaryngology No. 93, Section 1, Zhongshan North Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 8631-0533 Google Map
Da Zhong Public Otolaryngology No. 29, Lane 113, Dazhong St, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2628-2266 Google Map
Ren jing Dermatology No. 15, Lane 51, Xuefu Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2620-9587 Google Map
Hua Shen Union Dermatology No. 4, Section 3, Beixin Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2625-0342 Google Map
Dr. Zhu & Dr. Xin UnionDermatology No. 96, Yingzhuan Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 8631-7678 Google Map
Ming sheng Dental Clinic No. 3, Zhongshan Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2621-2238 Google Map
Dr. Liu Dental No. 104, Zhongzheng Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2622-9260 Google Map
Dr. Wan Dental Clinic No. 8, Lane 102, Xuefu Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2622-3831 Google Map
Dr. Chen Dental Clinic No. 248, Qingshui St, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2622-8271 Google Map
Hong Sheng Dental Clinic No. 87, Section 1, Zhongshan North Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2625-1511 Google Map
Chiu Drugstore No. 27, Zhongshan Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2626-9679 Google Map
Healthcare Franchise No. 9-10, Qingshui St, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2625-5847 Google Map
Lian En Drugstore No. 133, Beixin Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2629-8454 Google Map
Bei Xin Drugstore No. 63, Lane 182, Beixin Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2629-3205 Google Map

Tamsui Supermarket

7-11 (Nearby Tamkang University) No. 39, Aly. 5, Ln. 182, Beixin Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2620-3554 Google Map
Family Mart (Nearby Tamkang University) No. 152, Xuefu Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2623-7472 Google Map
Carrefour No. 383, Section 2, Zhongshan North Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 8631-8880 Google Map
Wellcome 24hr No. 156, Section 1, Zhongshan North Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2621-5450 Google Map
Wellcome 24hr No. 15, Xuefu Rd, Tamsui Dist. (02) 2621-5450 Google Map