TKU Clubs and Societies

Tamkang University has always placed great emphasis on promoting student clubs and societies. It now has around 220 clubs covering a vast array of areas, including charity and community volunteering, cultural research, academic learning, sports and athletics, martial arts, music, and many others. Starting from the 2011-2012 academic year, all freshmen will be required to join a student society to fulfil the requirements of their academic degree.

Student Society Week

At the beginning of each academic year (first week of Sept), student societies set up stalls on each side of ‘Poster St’, Tamsui Campus, where they promote their clubs to newly arrived freshmen. The event is a perfect forum for new students to learn about and even join clubs of their choice. Some of the more popular student societies include the TKU Photo Club, the Cinema Art Society, the Rock Climbing Club, the Voluntary Service Club, and the Classic Guitar Club. These clubs will all have stalls set up for Student Society Week.

How to Join a TKU Club / Society

  1. First, view the full list of TKU clubs and societies by clicking the “services” option on the left-hand menu panel of the Office of Student Affairs’ website:
    Make a list of the clubs that correspond with your interests.
  2. Then, during Student Society Week, go to Poster St on the Tamsui Campus and check out the stalls set up by the clubs you are considering joining. If you’re sure about which club you want to join, you can do so on the spot.
  3. Otherwise, you can register at a later date by going to the Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section (SG315), located in the Shao Mo Memorial Gymnasium. Remember to join your club(s) of choice before the commencement of classes!