Tamkang Alumni

President Flora C. I. Chang attended the 1st general meeting of the 7th TKU Alumni Association and had pictures taken with alumni after the meeting.

Over the years, Tamkang University has cultivated more than 240,000 graduates, who are now spread around Taiwan and the world. With 141 different types of alumni associations, Tamkang alumni have contributed and achieved outstanding accomplishments in all walks of life. The University has set up the Office of Alumni Services and Resource Development, a unit dedicated to integrating a large range of alumni services. TKU has helped to maintain friendships between alumni by setting up associations both locally and internationally; by providing alumni with access to professional license courses, promoting collaboration between TKU and alumni businesses, setting up an online platform that displays information on TKU graduates, and conducting various surveys to elicit feedback from Tamkang alumni. Whether their contributions to their alma mater are tangible (such as financial donations) or intangible (such as positive feedback, word-of-mouth), Tamkang alumni are invariably the foremost ambassadors for TKU development.

Every year, the “Alumni Spring Festival” and “Homecoming Day” activities draw thousands of alumni to TKU for large celebrations that allow alumni to maintain their bond with each other and with their alma mater. Many alumni travel thousands of miles from all corners of the world – including the U.S., Canada, and Mainland China – to visit their former university and take part in seminars, where they share with TKU students their experiences in academia or the workplace. Tamkang’s efforts and achievements have been met with positive feedback and support from TKU alumni, all of whom bear one common goal: “to pool together the resources of TKU alumni and bring honor to Tamkang and all Tamkangians.” Apart from these activities, every two years Tamkang holds a conference for TKU alumni associations. The event has successfully helped to maintain the close bond that exists between Tamkangians in various countries throughout the world.