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Dr. Clement C. P. Chang couple


Tamkang University Founder, Dr. Clement Chang, and his wife Mrs. Carrie Chang have both worked tirelessly to promote the fifth wave of development at TKU – a university that is quickly becoming one of the very best institutions of higher education. To further raise the academic performance and reputation of TKU, Founder Chang and his wife contribute funds to invite internationally renowned experts to give lectures on topics of academic importance.


Expenses for “Tamkang Clement and Carrie Chair" will be defrayed by means of a special foundation funded by Dr. Chang and his wife Mrs. Carrie Chang. All salaries and expenses associated with the Chair will be funded from interest earned by this foundation.


All expenses for the Chair including fees for hiring, speeches, class lectures, research expenses, accommodations, meal expenses, airfare, employment, foundation support, or other costs will be assessed by the Review Committee.


Disposition of funds and performance of the Chair will be reviewed by the foundation donors. In addition, payments will be made by standard form, and other legal forms when necessary.


Administrative work surrounding the lectures will be undertaken and managed by “Tamkang Clement and Carrie Chair Review Committee”. Review Committee members include the president of the university, who will serve as chairman, vice presidents, deans of the colleges, as well as professors and alumni as appointed by the president. Each committee member will serve a two-year term of appointment. There will be one executive secretary, who will assist the chairman with different tasks of the Review Committee.

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