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The Trophy of Panda

The Trophy of Panda
The Trophy of Panda

Dr. Clement Chang, the founder of Tamkang University, and his wife Carrie have established an endowment fund for the purpose of advancing academic excellence of the University, via specially invited lectureship known as “Panda Lecture Series”, by world renowned scholars and experts in disciplinary areas pertinent to the University.

To confer the special honor to the invited lecturers, the trophy of Panda is presented to each. Panda is a symbol of rarity, spirit, loving and determination, having enjoyed highest admiration in the Chinese culture. The statue of the Panda is wearing a doctor’s cap representing the academic excellence.

These trophies are bestowed upon the honored lecturers in recognition of their highest knowledge and contribution in academics. They also are much welcome to be lifelong members of the Panda Family.

Sculpture Artist

Career History
  • 1950, Born in Yangmingshan of Taiwan
  • 1973, Bachelor, Department of Sculpture, National Taiwan University of Art
  • 2001-2013, Professional Specialist, Associate Professor Level of Tamkang University
  • 2003-2011, Professor of Mingdao University
  • 2016-2018, President, Chinese Culture Creative Association
  • 2016-2018, President, The Sculpture Association of Taiwan
  • Jury Member, Taipei Art Competition
  • Jury Member, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
  • Jury Member, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
  • Jury Member, Award of Literature and Art of Sun Yat Sen
  • 1984, 1st place in Sculpture, Art Competition of Taiwan Province
  • 1986, 1st place in Sculpture, National Art Competition
  • 1990, Award of Literature and Art of Sun Yat Sen
  • 1990, 1st place in Stone Carving, Taiwan Research Institution of Handicraft Industry Competition (for 7 consecutive years)
artist Wang, Hsiu-Chi
Sculpture Artist WANG, HSIU-CHI
  • Ting An
  • aj@oa.tku.edu.tw
  • 02-26215656 ext.2356
  • 6/23/2024
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