Preface of the Chairperson, Board of Trustees

My late father, Tamkang University’s prescient founder, Dr. Clement C. P. Chang, once said that knowledge is like a crystal – the collective distillation of society as a whole. To expand the scope of domestic research and elevate scholarship in line with international standards, in the early 1970s TKU instituted what was known as the “Tamkang Lectures.” Renowned experts and scholars were invited to conduct academic speeches, with notes from their lectures compiled into various volumes and published regularly. In time, it became an influential publication.

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Preface of the President

Tamkang University (TKU) was founded in 1950. It adheres to the triple objectives of globalization, information-oriented education, and future-oriented education promoted by the founder, Dr. Clement C. P. Chang, who oversaw three distinct periods of development at TKU: the foundational period, positioning period, and uplifting period. Subsequently, Tamkang continued to develop thanks to the outstanding contributions of previous university presidents, who helped shape its characteristics and establish a culture of total quality management. With the addition of the Lanyang Campus – which features the "Three 'All' Policy" (All Juniors Abroad, All English Teaching, and All Residential College) – the fourth wave of development, the transformational period, saw Tamkang University grow into a comprehensive university that comprised the Tamsui, Taipei, Lanyang, and Cyber campuses.

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Creating Excellence with a Soul

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