International programs

Department of International Businesswebsite

In 2003, the Department of International Business at the Tamsui Campus, Tamkang University, launched a four year, exclusively English-based lecturing program as part of the university’s policy of promoting globalization in education. The program provides undergraduate students with theoretical, practical, and specialized knowledge in the field of international economics and international business.

After a thorough evaluation and a consequent series of improvements, the program was extended to accept foreign bachelor’s students starting from 2006. Now, foreign students join local students in a friendly and multicultural learning environment. More than 65 foreign students from 23 nations are currently enrolled in this pioneering degree program. And in the coming year, the department will accept 20 new foreign students, bringing foreign student enrollment to over 80. As added incentive to take part in the degree program, scholarships are offered by the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs to those who display outstanding academic performance.

Courses offered cover all those that are required to become a specialist for working in international business. The courses are taught by full time professors and industry experts. Faculty members possess Ph.D. qualifications in international economics, international business, or international trade laws. The department has also established affiliations with local companies to offer foreign students practical training opportunities to enhance their learning.

The Tamsui campus provides a variety of extracurricular activities organized by student groups, as well as leading edge facilities, such as a world class library, gymnasium, and art center. Students may choose to join a student association and work with fellow students to achieve mutual goals or hone their skills in an area in which they are interested. Moreover, the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs holds numerous Chinese festival celebrations throughout the year, allowing foreign students to experience the local culture.

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Department of Innovative Information and Technologywebsite


The department of Innovative Information and Technology (IIT) was established in August 2005. It provides undergraduate students with both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in the fields of Information and Communication Management Technology and Software Engineering, among others. To help promote TKU’s goal of globalization, 90% of the department’s courses are taught in English and all students are required to study abroad in their junior year (third year).

Goals and Mission

The goal of this department is to pursue a program of excellence and high quality, through holistic and practical education. We hope to instill in our students professional attitudes and values, and equip students with the skills necessary to excel in the areas of software engineering and the management of innovative information technology.


Our curriculum centers on two major fields: Software Engineering and Network Communications. In particular, we place an emphasis on information system integration and engineering with a focus on communication/Internet based software applications. Curriculum is designed to align instruction with desired goals and program outcomes.

Faculty and Staff

Our department currently has three associate professors and six assistant professors, each of whom have obtained doctoral degrees.


We have three laboratories for Open system, ERP and Practice of projects, which are well equipped and qualified for teaching and research. Major equipment includes computers, an ERP server, and media and web servers.

Career Development

Students may take advanced examinations to acquire licenses in ERP, Linux, and Computer Network Management. Graduates can also work in private companies and develop their own businesses, or pursue careers in government agencies.

Graduate study options include: graduate programs in Computer Science, Information Management, Electronic Engineering, and Electric Engineering.

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Department of International Tourism Managementwebsite

The Department of International Tourism Management is a key component in Tamkang University’s (TKU) development. A significant amount of resources have been devoted to its establishment. The decision for this large investment was made after carefully considering TKU’s vision for the future. After the opening of the Hsuehshan tunnel in 2006, currently the fourth longest tunnel in the world, Yilan has attracted increasingly larger numbers of residents. Yilan County has undergone a process of long-term planning, and construction is under way to transfor Yilan into a tourist haven. Soon, tourism will be the major industry in Yilan. TKU also planned extensively prior to establishing this department. As a location, beautiful Yilan provides the department with plenty of practical tourism resources. At the same time, the Department of International Tourism Management will also do its best to give back to the local Yilan community.

As the tourism market in Yilan expands, its tourist infrastructure is gradually growing. It will soon be capable of serving international customers. This foundation, coupled with the TKU’s triple objectives of “globalization, information-oriented education, and future-oriented education”, has ensured that the Department of International Tourism Management is standing on firm ground, with 90% of its courses delivered in English, and a junior abroad program for all its students.

This department provides professional training in the management of tourism businesses. Our students are required to carry out a 400 hour internship before graduating. We also emphasize the acquisition of advanced concepts and the importance of innovation in operating tourism businesses, in accordance with the current trend of knowledge economics. We firmly believe that our students will be capable of managing tourism businesses with a globalized view.

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Department of Multicultural and Linguistic Studieswebsite


The Department of Multicultural and Linguistic Studies was established in 2005 on Lanyang campus, Tamkang University. One of the core missions of the department is to develop students’ multicultural awareness and nurture a global view. Not only are 90% of courses taught in English, but all students are also required to spend a year abroad studying in their junior year (third year). The campus is based on a traditional residential collegiate system that accommodates all students and staff and offers pastoral care and a holistic education. The other mission of the department is to mold students into all rounded citizens with critical thinking skills by teaching foreign language skills and imbuing students with professional and international perspectives.


  1. To prepare students to achieve intermediate competency in a modern foreign language.
  2. To assist students to develop fluent and accurate oral and written expression, and the ability to easily communicate cross-cultural issues.
  3. To prepare students to acquire and apply the skills of the liberal arts, including reading and listening comprehension, oral and written communication, and critical thinking, with particular reference to multicultural and language issues and analyses.
  4. To educate students with professional knowledge in areas such as linguistics, literature and culture, in order to develop cross-cultural perspectives.
  5. To help students develop the ability of applying multicultural concepts, theories and analytical tools to communication on foreign affairs.

Career Development

  1. Students may choose to continue their studies in either domestic or foreign graduate programs to obtain Master’s or Doctoral degrees. Programs include but are not limited to (multi)cultural Studies, Communication, Linguistics, and English for specific purposes.
  2. Students may develop their career in fields such as British or American culture and educational studies, translation, writing, tourism, journalism, secretarial administration, international trade, mass communications, computer and multimedia production, and others.

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Department of Global Political Economywebsite

The Department of Global Political Economy aims at offering integrated courses on international political economy and regional political and economic developments. To assist in implementing TKU’s policy of globalization, more than 95% of the courses in this Department are taught in English. Faculty members all possess Ph.Ds and are qualified to conduct lectures in English. Among them, 50% are foreigners, coming from Singapore, France, Germany, and Poland.

More than 6 years of growth has made this young department an excellent place to study for both local and foreign students. The specialized courses, the practical liberal education and the splendid extra-curriculum activities all help students grow into professional and independent thinkers. 63% are residential full-time teachers who offer students consultation on both learning and living affairs. All students stay in furnished dormitories, and live and study together, which has helped to turn the Lanyang Campus into one big family.

To increase the level of internationalization and cross-cultural learning, foreign students are more than welcome to join this department. There are currently 28 foreign students enrolled in the Department of Global Political Economy, coming from the USA, Central & Southern America, Europe, and Asia. A friendlier international environment has come about by offering more Chinese courses for foreign students, introducing a variety of activities on Chinese culture, and the sharing of a room with a local student in the dormitories, etc.

This Department is devoted to introducing a new way of thinking of globalization to higher education in Taiwan. All efforts are geared towards internationalization and on training students with a global vision.
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The Graduate Institute of the Americaswebsite
Division of US Studies
Program for the Master of Arts Degree


  1. The Master of Arts program in the Division of US Studies of the Graduate Institute of the Americas is one of the oldest and most respected programs in Taiwan, and involves education and research on all aspects of American life. The program seeks to cultivate in its graduates a high level of practical expertise and professional skills in fields such as history, politics, international relations, culture, and economics with a dedicated focus on the United States. In addition, students have ample opportunity to achieve a high degree of competence in technical English specifically related to US studies – something that cannot be obtained anywhere else in Taiwan.
  2. In line with Tamkang University’s policy of “Globalization, Information-oriented Education, and Future-oriented Education”, all courses in the Division of US Studies are offered in English by highly trained foreign and domestic professors in an environment perfectly suited to foreign students seeking to better understand America.  The fully integrated computer system at Tamkang University allows students to conveniently and efficiently enroll and select courses designed to their own special needs. Courses offered by the program are routinely updated to cover current trends and future outlooks for the US.
  3. The Division of US Studies offers students excellent counseling and career planning, as well as ample opportunities to interact professionally and socially with foreign students and faculty. Program administrators are highly skilled, culturally sensitive, and fully experienced in dealing with problems faced by foreign students from a variety of countries.

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The Graduate Institute of the Americaswebsite
Division of US Studies
Program for the Doctorate of Philosophy

  1. The doctoral program in the Division of US Studies of the Graduate Institute of the Americas is designed to provide graduates with a comprehensive and mature understanding of all aspects of American society, along with rigorous training in theory, research methods, and academic certification. The Division also has a close working relation with the American Institute in Taiwan, with regular visits, seminars, and activities hosted by both.  
  2. Doctoral level research in the Division of US Studies covers all areas of American society, but is particularly devoted to US-Taiwan-China triangular relations, as well as US politics and history. All courses offered in the Division are elective, providing students with a flexible and multi-faceted curriculum. Over the years, the Division of US Studies has warmly accepted numerous international students into its doctoral program, representing a diverse set of countries such as Panama, Kenya, Poland, and the United States.
  3. All professors who are teaching and directing research in the Division of US Studies are well qualified and have ample experience in researching the program’s areas of specialization, including politics, economics, and history. Students are actively encouraged to write their research works in English, which is of enormous importance to foreign students. Students enrolled in the program have consistently given the faculty high ratings for both their teaching and research. The Division has routinely been the recipient of Fulbright scholars coming from the US to teach in Taiwan – yet another attractive feature for foreign students seeking to better understand the current changes in American society. 

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