Academic Affairs

(Source: Office of Academic Affairs)

  1. Number of Students by College
  2. Number of Students by Department
  3. Number of Courses by Campus and Curriculum
  4. Rate of Upload of Course Outline
  5. Number of Classrooms
  6. Number of Media Classrooms

    (Source: Center for Learning and Teaching)

  7. Number of Courses Instructed in English
  8. Number of Distance Education Courses

General Affairs

(Source:Office of General Affairs)

  1. Schedule of TKU Property (Buildings and Land)


(Source:Office of the Secretariat)

  1. Number of Professional Publications
  2. Number of Published Papers
  3. Number of Academic Services
  4. Number of Academic Conferences (Hosted)
  5. Number of Academic Conferences (Attended)

In-Service Education

(Source:Division of Continuing Education

  1. Summary of Continuing Education Courses


(Source:Office of Human Resources)

  1. Distribution of Faculty by Department, Job Title and Diploma
  2. Distribution of Staff by Job Title
  3. Percentage of Full Time Faculty with Doctoral Degrees
  4. The Statistics of Full-time Faculties' Certificate Application in Tamkang University


(Source:Chueh Sheng Memorial Library)

  1. Library Collection by Language and Type of Publication

Information Services

(Source:Office of Information Services)

  1. Digital Campus Teaching Support Platform

International Affairs

(Source:Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs(OICSA))

  1. Distribution of TKU Sister Universities by Country
  2. Distribution of International Students by Country
  3. List of Incoming and Outgoing Exchange Students

Alumni and Fund-raising

(Source:Office of Alumni Services and Resources Development)

  1. Distribution of Alumn
  2. Fund-raising Totals for Each Academic Year