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Fu You Temple

Fu You Gong (the "you" is pronounced "yo", as in yo-yo) is the oldest temple in Tamsui, having been built during the Ching Dynasty (and completed in 1796). It was built for people crossing the Taiwan Strait who wanted to pray to "Mazu", the Goddess of the Sea. The words "Fu You" literally mean "protecting good fortune".

The front entrance of the temple is located on Tamsui's Old Street, directly opposite the Tamsui River. Behind it is a small mountain known as Ci Zailing. Its location was chosen based on Chinese tradition, which states that a temple should have "water in front as though a mirror; mountain behind as though a screen".

Fu You Temple is now classified as a Class Three National Historic Monument.
How to get there
Walk along old street starting from the Starbucks entrance for approximately 10-15 minutes.
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