Tamsui Scenery in detail

Tamsui Riverside

The Tamsui Riverside is one of Tamsui's main attractions. It can be crowded and lively or quiet and relaxing, depending on when you go.

The Riverside stretches from the Tamsui MRT Station to the well-known historical site, Fort San Domingo (about a 30 minutes walk in total). The area near the MRT station features novelty stores, in which you can win cuddly prizes by shooting bb guns and throwing darts. There are also souvenir stores, foot and pressure point massage parlors, local snack stores, restaurants, a newly extended park area with gravel paths, and a wharf from which you can board a boat for Kuan Yin Mountain ("Bali") or Fisherman's Wharf. Closer to the Fort San Domingo side (where the crowds are usually less dense), there are a number of stylish restaurants, a newly refurbished Starbucks, and a tree-lined walkway with seats on which to sit back and enjoy the majestic Tamsui sunset.
How to get there
The Tamsui Riverside starts from behind the Tamsui MRT Station. From TKU, you can catch the Red 27 bus to get to the MRT Station.



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