Tamsui Scenery in detail

Tamkang Senior High School

In recent years, the historic “Tamkang Senior High School” rose to fame due to the being the former high school of celebrity Jay Chou. The beautiful campus grounds and westernized historical building is also one of the favorite tourist attractions during the weekends.
The most well-known architecture that best represents the school is the DanjiangOctagonTower on campus grounds. Built in 1923, the elegantly rustic design continues to stand tall and strong. It continues to be used as classrooms for the students and teachers of Tamkang Senior High School today. Behind the tower are the graves of Rev. Mackay and his wife. Aside from preaching religion upon his arrival in Taiwan, Rev. Mackay further brought along precious educational and medical resources that continue to influence the people of Taiwan till this day.
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No.26,Zhenli St.Tamsui Dist,New Taipei City 251,Taiwan



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