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Dundas Street (登打士街)
【International Cuisine】2284

Care for some hand-made bagels?
How about freshly-baked breads that crunch and then melt in your mouth?

Located a stone's throw away from the TKU Tamsui Campus, Dundas Street offers a range of ... go detail

MaiDeDuo (麥德多)
【Western Breakfast】2100

We've all heard of bed and breakfast, but how about "bread and breakfast"?

MaiDeDuo is known for its variously flavored breads and western breakfasts. The breads, which come with the breakfasts, ... go detail

Yao Yao Noodles (窯窯拉麵)
【Ramen Noodles】1788

Yao Yao (the pronunciation of "Yao" rhymes with "how") Ramen Noodles is somewhat of an institution among the clustering of shops and stalls that surround the TKU Tamsui Campus. Now in its ninth year ... go detail

Yi Ding Xiang (溢鼎香)
【Chinese dumplings and meat wraps】2060

If you walk past Yi Ding Xiang of an evening, you may have to veer slightly to your right to avoid the crowds of queuing customers that spill out onto the road.

Why the long lines, you may ... go detail

Kooks (異嗑堂)
【North American cuisine】2686

When you walk into Kooks, you'll see surrealist paintings, English novels, and a cash register on a stomach-height, white brick wall. Not your average Taiwanese eatery, you may say.

That's ... go detail