Bilingual Glossary

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Other資訊運用Information literacy
Other洞悉未來A vision for the future
Other品德倫理Moral integrity
Other獨立思考Independent thinking
Other樂活健康A cheerful attitude and healthy lifestyle
Other團隊合作A spirit of teamwork and dedication
Other美學涵養A sense of aesthetic appreciation
Position Titles助理研究員Assistant Researcher Fellow
Position Titles約聘兼任助理研究員Special Appointed Adjunct Assistant Research Fellow
Position Titles約聘兼任研究助理Special Appointed Adjunct Research Assistant
Position Titles人資長Dean of Human Resources
Position Titles財務長Dean of Financial Affairs
Position Titles體育長Dean of Physical Education
Position Titles國際長Dean of International Affairs
Position Titles資訊長Chief Information Officer(CIO)