Information Statement about the Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Information

Tamkang University (hereafter referred to as TKU) must for the purpose of work requirements related to student management, processing of registration, grading, education and employment counseling collect a minimum amount of necessary personal information; we do not handle an excess of personal information. When we collect, process or use your personal information, we will take respect of your rights as the baseline, and further we will use honesty and the principles below to do so. In order to guarantee your rights and help you understand how TKU collects and uses your personal information, please carefully read the contents of the various sections of this information statement.

  1. Institution's name: Tamkang University
  2. The aim of collecting personal information:
    In order to perform the necessary work related to student management or attain the goal of obtaining the agreement of the Party, the school addresses the following special purposes: such as, 001 personal insurance, 040 military service, substitute for military service administration, 109 education or training administration, 120 tax administration, 171 management of other central government organizations and subordinate units within government organizations, public affairs supervision, administrative assistance and related business, 172 execution of related transactions to other public organizations (including administrative corporations, government endowment foundations and other public corporations), 175 management of other local government organizations and subordinate units within government organizations, public affairs supervision, administrative assistance and related business, 179 other financial services, 158 student (member) (including graduates and those not graduated) information management.
  3. Method of personal information collection:
    The personal information collected is provided personally by the Party involved, mailed in, or via the internet.
  4. Classification of personal information:
    The personal information of the Party which TKU collects is as follows: C001 identification of the individual, C002 identification of finances, C003 identification of government information, C011 personal description, C012 physical description, C013 habits, C021 family circumstances, C023 details of other family members, C031 dwelling and facilities, C038 occupation, C051 school record, C052 qualifications and skills, C057 student (member), examinee record, C111 health record.
  5. Processing and use of personal information:
    1. Time of personal information use
      Except for legal time limits or other time limits imposed by the central organizations in charge, the time required to complete the aim of the open collection of the personal information is the limit. Student information is preserved in accordance with the TKU Study Regulations and other related regulations.
    2. The area of use of personal information:
      Taiwan (including Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu and other regions).
    3. The target of the use of personal information:
      TKU, authorities, maintenance contract vendors; it is not used for other purposes.
    4. The method of use of personal information:
      • Appropriate methods such as electronic document, paper, or other former technologies.
      • Utilization in accordance with Article 20 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
  6. In accordance with regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act, the Party can apply to check, read, obtain a copy, supplement or correct, request the termination of collection, processing or use, and request deletion. When exercising the abovementioned rights, according to TKU regulations the identity of the individual must be confirmed and verified before an application can be submitted. If another person is entrusted to transact the request, a power of attorney document is required, and at the same time proof of the identity of the trustee must be provided for verification.
  7. The Party should verify the personal information provided is true and correct; if it is incorrect or needs to be changed, the Party should immediately deliver the related documentation of proof to the school for handling the correction.
  8. If the Party has not yet provided genuine, correct and complete personal information, it can lead to an inability to provide student services, to establish contact in an emergency situation, to deliver test scores, etc. It will influence the rights of the Party. So please pay special attention.
  9. TKU will in accordance with the law or in compliance with the requests of authorities or the judiciary provide personal information or related information.

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