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Thank you for visiting the Tamkang University English website. Our university's privacy policy is outlined as follows.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

In order to protect and manage the rights of privacy, Tamkang University (hereby referred to as the university or TKU) is implementing the Personal Information Protection Act to safeguard the rights of privacy to all members of the university and prevent any infringement or violation of said rights. These rights will be maintained and modified through this special declaration known as "Tamkang University's Privacy Rights Policy Declaration" (hereby referred to as this policy) described in the following.

The scope of this policy includes management of any personal data collected from TKU internet users: personal data handled by the university, information processed by cooperating organizations outside of TKU, or any information handled for the purposes of inter-campus exchanges. This policy does not apply to any organizations outside of this university or individuals unrelated to TKU.

Article 1

All personal data collected must be in a specified and legal manner.

  1. The personal information of internet users can not be used on the TKU website without giving the internet user clear notification. Online user information may be collected through this website, server and browsing activity for analysis to improve and modify the quality of the website. However this analysis will examine user behavior and will not collect any personal data.
  2. Enrolling students will provide personal information for registration including but not limited to name, sex, date of birth, academic history, email address, and guardian information for the purposes of university services and meeting student needs. All provided information will be srtictly kept confidential and will not be seen by a third party unless there is consent from the online user and/or a legal warrant of seizure. TKU reserves the right to suspend an online user if their provided personal data is falsified.

Article 2

All personal information that has already been collected in the TKU database will be strictly kept confidential with this act and all related regulations. This information will only be handled and utilized with the appropriate legal measures by qualified personnel.

Article 3

The university will ensure the safety and accuracy of personal data which will be regularly modified and updated.

  1. The university will undergo strict measures to protect personal user information and will not modify, publicize or destroy any data without the consent of the user. The user's personal data bank will be handled appropriately in accordance to the terms of the involved managing organizations regarding software, hardware, firewall protection, data transfer, and the unlawful use or theft. The related departments in charge of regulations and safety will use concrete planning to preserve the protection of the rights of university members and online users.
  2. University members will receive confidentiality course training for protection of information to develop skills in prevention of theft, perjury, damage of data, unauthorized publication of information and any violators of personal rights will be lawfully punished by the proper authorities.
  3. In the case that a third party must come in contact with user information for the purposes of business services, TKU will strictly protect user rights in accordance to the Personal Data Bank Protection Act and other related regulations to observe, manage and investigate operations.

Article 4

TKU will notify the implicated party in the case that someone takes advantage of personal data, explaining both how and who is involved.

  1. This website's personal data bank will only be managed by TKU users and related departments. Only in the case that the user involved gives consent will a third party have access to the users personal information.
  2. TKU must first obtain consent from the party involved before utilizing user information for the promotion of education, sales and news. If the user refuses to participate with any promotion, TKU must immediately desist from using any of the user's personal information for sales purposes.
  3. TKU must handle all personal information in accordance to regulations and the requests of the user and no data can be shared with a third party without the user's consent. TKU will not reveal any personal user information with a third party for any reason.
  4. TKU must verify personal data for protection and specific measures must be taken for the transference of personal information internationally.

Article 5

TKU has completed the objective of establishing personal data management systems and policies for the safety and protection of private information.

Article 6

Utilizing Implicated persons rights

  1. Data of Implicated persons will be handled with Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act and all related regulations. For services involving investigating, browsing, copying, rewriting modifying, suspending, processing, or deleting information contact the TKU email listed website or call 02-26215656. However, TKU may refuse to do so when it is necessary for the execution of a statutory position or business. In addition, the implementation of the above rights may result in affecting the relevant rights and interests of the parties.
  2. TKU will provide personal data, including browser information to governmental organizations or important third parties for the purposes of national security, issues involving diplomatic confidentiality, infringement of economic rights or other infringement of national rights, At which time the implicated parties requests will be rejected and the reasoning provided.
  3. With the implicated persons consent, TKU and executive parties will only utilize personal information within the lawfully given time frame. Once the date of expiration has been reached, the information will be terminated; however time frames are susceptible for lawful extension.

Article 7

This website may provide other website links, if the user enters into another site via this website, he/she will be giving his/her information to a party outside of TKU. Hence the user information may be handled in a way that is not in this description of regulations. This university is not responsible for protecting the user once he has moved to another website. It is suggested that the user review the regulations and policies of each website they visit regarding personal data.

Article 8

In order to provide a complete personal service system this website utilizes Cookie to record and analyze user behavior. This record is able to identify the user's specific patterns and will recognize any changes. If the user doesn't wish to use Cookie, go to the browser and and set the options to delete it, but in the future the user will not have access to all of the websites services.

Article 9

This policy takes effect from the date that it is legally passed and will be implemented as part of the Protection of User's Personal Rights. Modifications of the article will be posted on the website where everyone is welcome to observe the schools official policies and regulations concerning personal rights. If you continue using the online services, it means that you are in agreement with any changes of the regulation's modifications. If you have any concerns about this description, you are welcome to contact the university.

This article was last modified on October 1st, 2018


Thank you for visiting the Tamkang University English website. Our university's security policy is outlined as follows.

Data Security and Protection

  1. Firewall and intrusion detection systems (IDS) are used to prevent intrusion and illegal data access to the Tamkang University website.
  2. All downloadable files on this website are examined in advance. Please feel at ease to access such files for personal use.

Protecting your Personal Information

  1. Do not provide your personal information to anyone who is not a member of faculty or staff. Please remember to logout of the web administration system before you leave.
  2. All text, graph, audio and video data displayed in this website are copyright of Tamkang University. If you need to cite or hyper link any information or links on the website, please inform the administrator by sending an e-mail with the description "Provided by Tamkang University".

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