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Q1.  What housing options does Tamkang University offer?

Tamkang University provides on-campus dorms for female students and Dan Jiang Hall off campus dorms for male students. The rent is NT$17,600 for female student (excluding summer and winter vacation period), and NT$38,500 (new building& new facilities equipped) for male student per academic year. International new students will receive the campus Housing Application along with the admission letters.
For the students of Lanyang campus, Lanyang campus accommodates all students with dormitory, which was completed in 2006. The dorms include basic furniture from Ikea, including desk, closet, lamp, bed without mattress, etc. Each room accommodates only two people. In some cases, the room can accommodate only one person. The rent is NT$15,000
International students from Reitaku University (Japan), exchange students from TKU’s sister universities, and local TKU students may apply for housing at the TKU Reitaku International House. The applicants will be interviewed and selected by the OIEIE.
There are many personal apartments for students nearby the campus. The rents are based on the size, quality, and condition of the room and distance from the campus as well.
Please contact Ms. Alice Lin (081495@mail.tku.edu.tw) at the OIEIE office for more information.

Q2.  Are students required to live on-campus?

The students of Lanyang campus are required to live on-campus because the campus is based upon a traditional residential collegiate system accommodating all students and staff, which facilitates pastoral care and a whole person education.

Q3.  How much does accommodation cost?

Basic living expenses (including housing) are estimated around NT$20,000-NT$25,000/per month. (It varies according to different individual lifestyles. Rent for lodging off TKU campus varies according to the different conditions and facilities (with or without bathroom, etc.) of an apartment or room. Approximate monthly rent ranges from NT$8000 to 30000.

Computer & Library-Related Problems
Q4.  What are the libraries opening hours? Are the libraries open to the public?

1.Opening hours for Main Library on Tamsui Campus
During term time:
Monday to Friday 8:20~21:50
Saturday and Sunday 9:20~16:50
Public Holidays Closed

During summer vacation periods:
Monday to Friday 8:20~16:50
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays Closed

2.Opening hours for Lanyang Campus Library
Monday,Tuesday,Thursday 9:00~21:00
Wednesday 9:00~17:00
Friday 9:00~12:00
Saturday closed
Sunday 18:00~21:00

All TKU Libraries are open to public though borrowing privileges are restricted to TKU affiliates.
Visitors are welcome and must present a photo ID.

Computer & Library-Related Problems
Q5.  How can I use the computer and internet at Tamkang University?

1. All users of TKU Students must present your Student/ID Card when using the computer labs or facilities.

2. To access the internet, type your Student/ID and email password when prompted. Remember to log out when finished to prevent others from misusing your account.

3. Opening hours:
(a) Tamsui Campus:
Monday to Friday 8:20-21:00 (Closed during maintenance hours, Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays; during mid-term and finals week, only Lab B201 is open from 8:20-21:00).
Lab E313 is open 24 hours (Closed periodically during maintenance hours, mid-term and finals week, and national holidays; check announcements for specific hours).
(b) Taipei Campus:
Lab D108 opens from Monday to Friday14:10-21:00 (Closed on Saturday, Sunday, national holidays,and finals week).

4. Computer Facility:
(a) Tamsui Campus:
B201?B203?B204?B206?B213?E313 and E314 all seven computer labs are equipped with a total of 510 PCs and 57 laser printers for student use. Lab E313 is open for 24 hours, whereas B113, B130, B216, B217, and B218 are restricted to instructional use. Instructions facility posted on each computer lab entrance bulletin board in addition to the Guidelines for Computer Lab.
(b) Taipei Campus:
Lab D108 is equipped with 17 PCs and 2 laser printers for student use. Labs D304 and D305 are restricted to instructional use. Instructions on hardware and facility use are posted on computer lab entrance bulletin board.
(c) All information posted online and computer lab entrance bulletin board.

5. Software:
Software installed in the computer labs are all authorized campus programs licensed for non-commercial use and are managed by the Office of Information Services (refer to Appendix 2).
Departments may use distinct software which are licensed and supplied by the departments, whereas Education Support Section will assist in installment and maintenance. Installed software will vary in different labs.

General Information
Q6.  Where is Tamkang University?

TKU has four campuses: the Tamsui Campus, the Taipei Campus, the Lanyang Campus, and the Cyber Campus.

Tamsui Campus – The City of Intellect (check here)
The Tamsui Campus comprises 9 colleges, 52 departments, 51 master’s programs, 20 Executive Master's Programs, 17 doctoral programs, and 18 research centers. It is Tamkang University’s main campus and is located in Taipei County.

No.151, Yingzhuan Rd., Tamsui Dist.,
New Taipei City 25137, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Taipei Campus – The Sea of Knowledge Navigator (check here)
The Taipei Campus focuses on continuing education. It comprises the In-Service Education Center, the Extension Education Center, the Japanese, Chinese and English Language Centers, and the Professional License Training Center.

No. 5, Lane 199, Kinghua Street,
Taipei,Taiwan 10650 (R.O.C.)

Lanyang Campus – The Garden of Wisdom (check here)
The Lanyang Campus, occupying 40-acres, is situated on scenic Mt. Linmei in Chiao-hsi, I-Lan. It comprises 3 colleges and 7 departments.

180 Linwei Rd., Chiao-hsi Shiang,
I-lan County, 26247
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Cyber Campus - The Space of Knowledge Explorer (check here)
The Cyber Campus provides a learning environment that connects the Tamsui, Taipei, and Lanyang campuses with the world via electronic technology and the internet highway.

General Information
Q7.  When was Tamkang Univeristy founded?

Established in 1950, Tamkang University is the oldest private university in Taiwan. It became the Tamkang College of Arts and Sciences in 1958 before being renamed as Tamkang University in 1980.

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Q8.  How many students are there at Tamkang University?

There are more than 28,000 students enrolled at Tamkang, including 250 international students.

General Information
Q9.  How do I get to Tamkang University?

1. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to the Tamsui campus:

(1) By Taxi
Taxi stands are located outside the Arrival Halls of both Terminals 1 and 2. Taxis are available at Taoyuan Airport 24 hours a day. They charge according to the meter and add a 50% surcharge to the metered total (highway tolls not included). A typical taxi fare from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei is approximately NT$1,100~1,500. It takes about one hour to get to the Tamsui campus. (Recommended if carrying heavy luggage)

(2) By Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
First, take a bus from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to the Yuan Shan MRT Station, located on the red line of the MRT. Then take the MRT to Danshui Station, the final station on the red line. From there, take the R27 bus to the Tamsui Campus. The bus ride should take approximately 10 minutes. Alternatively, you may want to catch a taxi. The taxi ride should take about 5 minutes (approx. NT$120 per trip).

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport: (check here)
Mass Rapid Transit(MRT): (check here)

2. Taipei to Tamsui campus:

(1) By Bus:
Take the "North Gate - TKU" line of the Tse-nan Bus from North Gate, or Taipei Main Station, to TKU.

(2) By MRT (Mass Rapid Transit):
Take the "Tamsui" Line (red) from Taipei Main Station to Tamsui Station. Then, from Tamsui Station to TKU, you can take one of the following methods:
(a) Taxi, NT$120 per trip (not per person)
(b) Tse-nan Bus TKU line, NT$15 per person
(c) On foot, about a 15 minute walk along Ying-chuan Road or Xue-fu Road

3. Taipei to Lanyang campus:
The campus is located in the hot spring town of Jiaosi, Yilan County. If you are coming from Taipei, there are two options.

(1) By Bus:
You may take either Kamalan or Capital. It takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. The ticket costs NT $104 one way. Buses leave from the bus station close to Taipei Main Station.

(2) By Train:
The slower train takes 90 mins, while faster trains take less than an hour. Once in Jiaosi, you can catch the school bus, which is available on Monday, Wednesday and on weekends. Please contact staff for the current bus schedule. Alternatively, you may take a taxi to the Lanyang Campus. The taxi fare will cost about NT $250. If you have any questions, please email eduardogoval@gmail.com. Once you reach the campus, please contact Frank at office CL314.

General Information
Q10.  What is the general phone number and email address for the University?

Enquiries about international applications:
Contact: Chu, Hsin-yin
Admissions Section
Office of Academic Affairs
Email: atex@mail.tku.edu.tw
Tel: 886-2-26233670
Fax: 886-2-26209505

Enquiries about exchange students and visa applications:
Contact: En-ju Lin
Office of International Exchange and International Education
Email: en-ju@mail.tku.edu.tw
Tel: 886-2-2629-6579
Fax: 886-2-2629-6582

For any other enquiries:
Contact: Chunyuen
Office of the Secretariate
Email: olr@mail.tku.edu.tw
Tel: 886-2-26232764
Fax: 886-2-26223204


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