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International Admissions
Q1.  I want to learn Chinese at Tamkang University. How do I apply?
To apply for Chinese lessons at Tamkang University, please download the application form from the TKU Chinese Language Center website: http://www.clc.tku.edu.tw

The “Application Form”option is located in the list of options on the left-hand menu panel. Please complete the application form at least four weeks prior to the submission date. For more information, see the above website or contact the Chinese Language Center. See below for contact details.

TEL: 886-2-2321-6320
FAX: 886-2-2321-4036
Address: No.5, LN.199, Jin-Hwa Street, Taipei, Taiwan 10606, R.O.C.
International Admissions
Q2.  I want to study at Tamkang University. What programs do you offer? How do I apply?
TKU offers many degree programs in various fields, including liberal arts, science, engineering, business, management, international studies, education and foreign languages and literatures.

For a detailed description of the programs and courses offered at TKU, please see the Admissions Handbook for International Students: http://english.tku.edu.tw/Admissions.asp

To apply to study at TKU, please follow the application procedure also outlined in the Admissions Handbook for International Students.
International Admissions
Q3.  What scholarships do you offer for international students?
TKU offers international students a range of scholarships to help students pay for their daily expenses and tuition fees. For detailed information on scholarships offered, please refer to the following website:
International Admissions
Q4.  Do you accept international transfer students?
Tamkang University welcomes international transfer students. With the exception of the Bachelor of International Business, international transfer students may select from any of TKU’s bachelor programs. Students can apply for credit transfer with Tamkang’s Registration Section after enrolment.
International Admissions
Q5.  When does the semester start?
At TKU, each academic year consists of two semesters. The first semester starts around early-September, while the second semester starts late-February. The exact dates are subject to change from year to year. To view the TKU academic calendar and important TKU dates, please refer to the following website:
International Admissions
Q6.  How much are the tuition fees?
Tuition fees are approximately NT $50,000 per semester. The precise figure is subject to change. For a detailed outline of TKU tuition fees, refer to the website:
International Admissions
Q7.  Do I need to know Chinese to apply?
Except for English taught programs, most of the courses currently in TKU are taught in Chinese, though many text books may be in English. Therefore, students are recommended to have adequate level of both Chinese and English in order to achieve excellent academic performance. In the application form, we list the following two questions about the applicants’ language proficiency: “How long have you studied Chinese?” and “How do you rate your knowledge of Chinese?” Applicants shall answer the questions according to their actual situation to help us understand their language ability. Some departments may request student’s Chinese ability certificate for the application; check the admission handbook for more details.
International Admissions
Q8.  Is there any requirement of English proficiency test?
Please check the application handbook to know the program you want to apply requests it or not. Even if the program you intend to apply doesn't require proof of English proficiency, we would still recommend you attach it with your application documents. Similarly, you can also attach your Chinese proficiency test report even if it is not required.
International Admissions
Q9.  Are there any scholarships foreign applicants are eligible to apply for?
Please check Taiwan scholarship that our government offers
For the Tamkang scholarships, please check http://english.tku.edu.tw/StudyinTKU_LifestyleAssistance.asp#Scholarships
International Admissions
Q10.  Is the certification of diploma or transcript compulsory? What can I do if I cannot have it when I submit my application?
Please kindly understand the certification of Taiwan Overseas Agencies is requested according to the school regulations. If you cannot have the certification when you apply the admissions, please give us a statement with your signature to explain the reasons and promise your documents are truth and the certification will be submitted when you register to the school.