Laws Regulations

Types No. Laws / Regulations Amended Date Pdf
General Rules & Principles 1-01 Tamkang University Organizational Regulations 2017-06-21 .PDF
General Rules & Principles 1-07 TKU Regulations for Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Bullying 2014-07-02 .PDF
Physical Education 11-1 Rules for Physical Education of Tamkang University 2016-05-05 .PDF
Physical Education 11-2 Rules and Regulations for the Shao-Mo Memorial Natatorium, Tamkang University 2015-10-15 .PDF
Physical Education 11-3 Management Regulations for Tamkang University Shao-Mo Memorial Gymnasium 2011-12-14 .PDF
General Rules & Principles 1-20 TKU Regulations for Handling Violations of Academic Ethics by the Faculty, Staff, and Students 2018-06-19 .PDF
General Rules & Principles 1-23 TKU Regulations for Gender Equity Education Implementation 2014-07-02 .PDF
Organizations 2-3-11 TKU Regulations on the Organization and Review Process of the Faculty Appeal Review Committee 2012-11-26 .PDF
Organizations 2-3-12 TKU Regulations on the Organization and Appeal Process for the Student Appeal Review Committee 2012-02-10 .PDF
Organizations 2-3-32 TKU Regulations for Establishing the Steering Committee for the Service-learning Curriculum 2012-06-04 .PDF
Organizations 2-3-6 Regulations for the Establishment of the Tamkang University Academic Committee 2015-01-12 .PDF
Organizations 2-3-7 Tamkang University Regulations for Setting Up the Teachers Evaluation Committee (Office denominated name) 2017-06-21 .PDF
Academic Research & Exchanges 3-05 TKU Regulations for the Establishment of the Tamkang Chair Lectures 2008-03-07 .PDF
Academic Research & Exchanges 3-06 Regulations Regarding National Invited Professors at TKU 2017-06-12 .PDF
Academic Research & Exchanges 3-07 TKU Regulations for Subsidies of Instructors and Administrative Staff Who Receive Training Abroad 2014-05-06 .PDF

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