Laws Regulations

Types No. Laws / Regulations Amended Date Pdf
Academic Research & Exchanges 3-10 Regulations for Sponsoring Full-time Faculty to Attend International Conferences 2014-05-06 .PDF
Academic Research & Exchanges 3-11 Regulations for Contracting Academic Exchange Agreements Between Departments or Colleges of Tamkang University and Their Overseas Countereparts 2004-06-25 .PDF
Academic Research & Exchanges 3-12 Regulations for Sponsoring Full-time Faculty to Attend Conferences in Mainland China 2001-03-20 .PDF
Academic Research & Exchanges 3-14 Tamkang University Regulations for the Academic Committee's Deliberations on Faculty Academic 2015-12-10 .PDF
Academic Research & Exchanges 3-20 TKU Regulations on Research Grants for Full-Time Faculty 2018-05-22 .PDF
Academic Research & Exchanges 3-21 TKU Regulations on Rewards for Outstanding Teachers 2018-05-22 .PDF
Academic Research & Exchanges 3-22 TKU Regulations for Award Support for Especially Outstanding Faculty 2015-05-04 .PDF
Personal Affairs 4-04 TKU Regulations Regarding Faculty Service and Benefits 2017-11-17 .PDF
Personal Affairs 4-05 TKU Regulations on Faculty Promotion 2017-06-12 .PDF
Personal Affairs 4-06 TKU Regulations Governing the Assessment of Faculty Members’ Instruction and Service (and Attached Guidelines) 2017-06-12 .PDF
Personal Affairs 4-07 TKU Regulations Governing the Review of Teacher Credentials 2017-11-21 .PDF
Personal Affairs 4-10 Regulations Regarding Chair Professors at TKU 2017-06-12 .PDF
Personal Affairs 4-12 Regulations Pertaining to Visiting Faculty at TKU 2011-08-17 .PDF
Personal Affairs 4-13 TKU Regulations for Hiring Visiting Research Fellows 1999-09-10 .PDF
Personal Affairs 4-20 TKU Regulations on Employee Retirement, Compensation, and Severance (MOE-Assigned Title) 2010-01-21 .PDF

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