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Fort San Domingo, also known as Fort Antonio, was originally a wooden fort built by the Spanish in 1629.

The Spanish built Fort San Domingo as the base for their colony in Northern Taiwan. In ...
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The "Little White House" is located on a hill overlooking the Tamsui River. It was once the residential quarters of foreign customs officers living in Taiwan during the Ching Dynasty.

In 1858, ...
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In 1860, two major Taiwanese Ports opened to foreign trade. One was in Tainan, South Taiwan; the other in Tamsui. Immediately, the areas around these two ports began to flourish.

By the start of ...
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Fu You Gong (the "you" is pronounced "yo", as in yo-yo) is the oldest temple in Tamsui, having been built during the Ching Dynasty (and completed in 1796). It was built for people crossing the Taiwan ...
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Hobe Mackay Hospital was the first Western-style hospital in Taiwan. It was built by Canadian missionary Dr. George Mackay, who was one of the earliest and most influential Christian missionaries to ...