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Dessert Tamsui huge ice-cream 淡水巨無霸冰淇淋
Have you ever eat the jumbo ice-cream which has 15cm long?
There are available on several flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, lemon,strawberry, and mango.
We can also request for mixed-flavor.
Main-food soup Ginger Duck 姜母鴨
The Ginger duck soup, we acutually eat this dish when was winter day, cause the duck and the ginger soup can warm the body,it was very healthy food for woman.
Dessert Hu wei Curd (滬尾豆花)
The curd was very tasting and when you eathing the pudding it actually melting in your mouth.
Snack food Fry durians ball
Acutally i was fascinating the fry durians but it kind of food was not it most of people frist list "love food",but it was worth to try it.
Bread Bullhorn Bread 珍奇順牛角專賣店
The bullhorn bread is is actually have several type like have two most poplular choc and coffee,their bread was delicious and tasty.
Main-sea foods Peacock clam 孔雀大王
Mussels bathing in super garlicky basil sauce/broth. Brain. Splode.Delicious.Their actually like using the hot pepper and garlic and sipces cook.Is very delicious.
Main-food Fish and chips Britshake-fish and chips in Danshui 英國奶奶
Fish and Chips served with crispy butter that is made with English Ale, British-style french fries, and also the homemade Tartar sauce which perfect match with this chips.
Main-food Noodle Xi Xiang Feng 喜相逢
I wanted something soupy to combat the cold so I got myself a bowl of which is actually bee hoon soup.Means traditional taste retained.Compared to the thick vermicelli (beehoon) soup that we have in Singapore, the rice noodles in is not as chewy or smooth,it has got a rough texture to it and the soup taste rather bland and is quite oily. For the sides,I got myself a plate of ?肉皮 which translates to pork skin.This is good stuff for the knees and complexion because its collagen!
Snack food Ah Po Iron Eggs (淡水阿婆鐵蛋)
It is a dried braised egg.Even though there are many other brands selling cheaply in the area now,the original brand from Ah Po is still most popular.For a more comprehensive write-up, refer to this post:Ah Po Iron Eggs.
Main food Keko Fish Balls 淡水可口魚丸專賣店
Keko fishballs is an eatery in Tamsui with a long history,popular for its fishballs stuffed with meat.A must-visit if you are in Tamsui.The fishballs are very delicious and taste different from the usual plain fishballs.
French Desserts Le Sucre Flottant (浮糖朵兒點心坊)
Le Sucre Flottant sells macarons, chocolates and small hand-made cakes. Its products are so good that even hidden in a small side street, it has turned into Tamsui's new taste sensation.

The macarons at Le Sucre Flottant melt in your mouth. They are sweet but not too sweet, allowing you to really taste each individual flavor. What's more, they are all hand-made and contain the finest ingredients. The raspberry macaron is made of real raspberries, which are mashed into a dark red pulp and mixed with butter to create a succulent inner paste. Chocolate hazelnut is made from French Valrhona 80% bittersweet chocolate. The chocolate is crushed, mixed with real hazelnuts and finely blended to produce a smooth, creamy filling.

The three most popular flavors are rose lychee, blackcurrant, and cream cheese. But all the fruit flavors are delicious. We recommend the three most popular flavors as well as caffe macchiato, which has a creamy coffee center and is pure bliss with a cup of black coffee, a good book, and view of the Tamsui River.
Korean Cuisine Kim's Korean Restaurant (金氏韓國料理)
Before opening his Restaurant, Mr. Kim was known for his delicious bottled kimchi. Soon after opening in the summer of 2010, Kim's became a favorite among TKU students and staff. Kim's kimchi is fresh and full of flavor, but not too spicy.

Popular dishes at Kim's include any of the stone bowl meals, which are served in a cloud of sizzling steam. Each meal comes with a side of kimchi and seaweed, and the all-you-can-drink barley tea complements the meal perfectly. The meals are simple, but very tasty and filling.

The average price at Kim's is around NT $100 (approximately US $3), which is a lot cheaper than your average Korean restaurant in Taipei. So, while at Tamkang, be sure to sample the authentic Korean fare at Kim's.
Chinese cuisine Best Food Village (好食寨)
If a vegetarian restaurant can attract non-vegetarian customers, the food has to be pretty good. Best Food Village does this in droves.

Best food village is most well-known for its steam-cooked stinky tofu, shown in the picture slideshow to the right. This dish consists of two squares of tofu, which are steamed in a rich soy-style sauce or "soup" until puffy and tender. It is then served in this sauce with mushrooms, fresh basil leaves, sliced ginger, and a handful of soybeans. Each of these vegetables are steamed along with the tofu and thus infused with a lush soy flavor. The dish tastes best when eaten with plain white rice.

Other tasty dishes include any of the noodle meals, especially the "sesame seed noodles" or the "red vinegar noodles". The red-braised noodle soup is also delicious.
Pakistani/Indian Fast food Fatima Pakistani Indian Fast Food (法蒂瑪印度烙餅)
Fatima Pakistani/Indian Fast Food is a small shop located near the Danshui MRT and riverside, around the corner from Starbucks. It is owned and operated by a Pakistani expat who speaks fluent Chinese. Fatima Fast Food sells "Indian wraps", a mouthwatering combination of soft chapatti bread and rich, flavorsome curry. The chapatti is made on the spot, by the owner himself, who rolls out the dough, throws it from hand to hand, and places it on a concave griddle until cooked.

The chapatti is then laid flat, and to it is added a handful of cabbage, strips of onion, and possibly the best curry sauce you will find in Taiwan. The curry comes in several flavors, including chicken, lamb, beef, or vegetarian.

The finished product is an authentic, very tasty curry wrap served up in less than five minutes - hence the name Fatima "Fast Food".
Taiwanese Drinks Tea of Health (茶之漾)
'Tea of Health' is tucked away in an alley off Ying Zhuan Rd, the road home to Tamsui's bustling night market. Although unassuming in appearance, Tea of Health is one of the more unique tea shops in Tamsui, offering delicious, healthy drinks unmatched by any other tea shop in Tamsui.

Unlike many tea stores in Taiwan, Tea of Health is not a franchise. It is a family business set up by a family that has been in the tea industry for around a century. It goes without saying, then, that they know how to blend a good cup of tea. And blend they do, with an extensive menu of teas, from traditional Taiwanese favorites - like pearl milk tea, pudding milk tea, etc - to creative, original teas, such as ginseng and goji berry, osthmanthus oolong, and Korean honey and pomelo. They also sell smoothies - popular in summer - such as mango smoothies and Ovaltine / marshmallow smoothies.

So, while checking out the local night market, don't forget to drop in for a delicious cup of oolong!

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